What Our Franchisees Say


I brought a Kip McGrath franchise because of its unique methodology which is significantly different from most other tuition centres. There are focused programs that cater to both underachievers and achievers. What’s more the business has been pretty profitable!

Ms. Jenny Ang, Franchisee

We brought a Kip McGrath franchise because we felt that it was a global player with a strong track record. This business has allowed us to pursue our passion for teaching without compromising our family life. The flexibility and satisfaction of running your own business is great!

Ms. Sandee Tan and Ms. Joyce Tan, Frachisees

Educator says,

Selecting the right tuition for your child is always a difficult decision for parents. Very cheap tuition is not the answer. My advice is that you send you child to a professional tutor, like Kip McGrath. They have a track record and it is value for money.

Mr Koh, Former Principal

Students say….

I like Kip McGrath because learning is fun. With computer activities and games, I never get board. My teacher is very patient and helpful. When I do well, she gives me a sticker, certificate or even a present!

K.Ranil, Pri 4 Student