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About Kip McGrath Education Centres

The first Kip McGrath Education Centre opened its doors in Newcastle Australia 37 years ago. Founded by school teachers Kip and Dug McGrath, that first centre has grown since then into a global franchise network owned and operated by qualified and experienced teachers with a common motivation; a passion for teaching.

Offering tutoring to children from Primary and Secondary English and Maths, Kip McGrath Education Centres encompass over 500 franchises in 20 countries.

In Singapore, today, with more than 30 Centres, we are the largest and the most professional tuition and enrichment Centres.

Mr-Yeo-Cheow-Tong_webOur pilot Centre at Yew Tee CC was officially opened in Feb 2005 by the then Minister for Transport, Mr. Yeo Cheow Tong (left).

Our methodology, our qualified tutors, our enhanced curriculum and our motivational techniques, differentiates our Centres from all other tuition Centres in Singapore.

Delivering a MOE based curriculum that is proven, each child is assessed and a programme is written for that child based on their individual needs and learning gaps.

Nothing inspires a Kip McGrath teacher more than a smile from a child who finally “gets it”! To watch a child suddenly start to enjoy learning and develop a confidence in their abilities naturally translates into better results at school.

So if you are looking for an experience that will improve your child’s confidence, encourage them to enjoy learning and help them improve their exam results, contact your nearest Kip McGrath Education Centre today.

Kip McGrath Centres

At our Kip McGrath Education Centres we offer Face to Face tutoring to children from Primary 1 to Secondary 4. We also provide an Enrichment programme, Get Ready for School, for pre-schoolers.

Our centres provide individual programmes based on the learning needs of your child. Our programmes are suitable for all students ranging from those who may be experiencing difficulties in their day to day school work, right through to students who would like to extend their learning and do better in exams.

You can find your nearest centre by clicking here.

Primary and Secondary tuition programmes:

Primary & Secondary Mathematics

Our Mathematics programme uses worksheets and computer based tools to help your child build a strong understanding of mathematical concepts with ease.

Primary & Secondary English

A programme that builds strong foundations in English with an emphasis on vocabulary, grammar, summary writing and comprehension skills.

Go to Programmes We Offer for a full overview and contact your nearest Centre to see which programmes they offer.

At our centres we provide:

  • A Free assessment
  • An individual learning plan customised just for your child.
  • A wide variety of resources and activities that cater to the individual learning styles of your child
  • Computer assisted learning
  • Experienced and qualified teachers using proven teaching methods
  • Curriculum written by qualified teachers
  • Motivational techniques

About our lessons:

  • 90 minute tutoring sessions
  • Small groups (4-5 students per teacher)
  • Structured learning programme
  • Latest MOE syllabus & curriculum